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Switching Roofs

In addition to ensuring the best interests of the community and property, HOA's are responsible for filing all of the complexities of the claim on behalf of the group.

Insurance companies often require a great deal of documentation when filing a homeowner's claim, as is the case, for all initial claims and supplemental claims that are filed on behalf of the HOA. They also set deadlines for the filing of the initial claim to be completed, along with the replacement work to be finalized on time.  Failure to clear these hurdles can result in the denial of the insurance claim.  It can be a lot to process.

Ameristar Contracting is highly skilled in the insurance claims process, having negotiated and finalized thousands of claims from residential properties, to commercial buildings and HOA property developments.  Allow our experience to work for you. From catastrophic hurricanes, to hail and wind damage, Ameristar Contracting is well versed in handling HOA insurance claims.

We work to help HOA's collect all
of the necessary documentation related to the storm damage, with
an inspection and consultation. This analysis includes:

Detailed, evaluation report of the exterior storm damage, including all roofing systems on any of the included structures on property.  A scope of damage will be included for additional exterior elements of the property (i.e. siding, gutters, hvac units, etc.)

Storm statistics, such as hail size or wind speeds as documented by the National Weather Service to help highlight the severity of damage.

Photos documenting any and all storm damage on property.

Suburban Homes

Our commitment to communication and transparency every step of the way makes us a preferred vendor for insurance companies and HOA's alike.

Ameristar Contracting's expertise in insurance restoration and mitigation of commercial and residential properties alike, is one valued basis for choosing our dedicated team to assist your board of members in the complexities of filing an insurance claim.  

Built upon a foundation of integrity, we dedicate ourselves to approaching each large scale project with a commitment to communication and superior customer service, which is backed by our reputation and strong network of affiliations within the industry.

As leaders of commerical roofing and quality contracting, we are your trained, certified and experienced partners for quality builds.

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